Modules offered by WPC

  • Wireless Power 30W Development kit Qi A10
  • Wireless Power 50W Development kit
  • Wireless Power 250W Development kit
  • Wireless Power 2kW Development kit
  • Wireless Power custom coil design

WPC offers different standard products sold as development kits, and as modules to be incorporated in end products. The electronic modules can be used with both standard off the shelf Qi coils and custom designed coils sold by WPC. If the modules do not meet all of your technical requirements these designs could be a good starting point for a custom solution. Please go to the project page for more information about what kind of custom solutions WPC can offer. Our kits and modules are market leading and provides an extensive set of features in addition to wireless transmission of power.

Typical applications:

  • Wireless battery charging
  • Transmission of power and data into sealed products
  • Inductive slip ring with no friction
  • Connectors without exposed metal