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Wireless Power & Communication was founded in 2003, targeting the oil, gas and subsea market with its patented technology for wireless transmission of power. By working with these high demanding customers which has a strong focus on reliability and efficient transmission, the technology has been heavily improved during these years.

After more than 10 years of research and development, WPC now offers a broad range of solutions. Spanning from 2kW designs with 95% efficiency, to low power designs transferring 30W using standard Qi coils.

Close integration of wireless power with communication channels has always been a key requirement by our customers. This has given us in-depth knowledge on how to integrate a wide variety of protocols. Spanning from low data rate UART or RS232/485 to high data rate Ethernet solutions, or analog voice and video signals.

If high power and word class efficiency is important then Wireless Power & Communication has the right solution for you!

The Technology page contains more information about the technology offered by WPC.

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WPC is part of OMNI The Specialist Network.

OMNI is a network of experts within the area of electronics and software development and production. Together OMNI take responsibility for small and large scale projects and provide shared personnel on demand.

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